Paddle Boat Rentals

July 23, 2014

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with someone else while in Cancun, then paddle boating is it! You can find paddle boat rentals right across the street from the condo on the lagoon side, or at many shops that are alongside the beach. There are even some resorts the offer paddle boating tours, which allow you to see parts of the water (like caves), that you wouldn’t otherwise know existed! Once you get in your boat, all you have to do is start cycling your feet and going in the direction that you’d like. This is a fantastic activity to do during the day so you can see some of the most beautiful sights in Cancun from water, but it’s also great during the night. If you’re with a group of people or just have a large family, then you could even have races with each other in multiple boats. In the end you’ll get great exercise, and will have had a wonderful day doing something unique.

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